Five Things You Need To Know This Wednesday…

Five Things v2-4
1. Tarantino fans rejoice! The dream of seeing his revenge western The Hateful Eight on the big screen is becoming even more tangible, with the release of this movie poster, with a date of 2015 on it. Intriguing! The poster also says that the film will be released in glorious Super Cinemascope 70mm film, just as P.T. Anderson did for The Master. Here’s a closer look at the poster:
Hateful Eight Poster
2. Reason number 563 to love Chris Pratt? The actor made a surprise appearance at a Guardians Of The Galaxy screening in New York, which was filled with kids from various charities. He did a Q&A, hung out with them, and took selfies with everyone who asked. He even gave the kids some inspiring words: “Take it from a kid who grew up having no money, struggling hard to get by. Just know that if you stick to your path and you believe in yourself and be courageous enough to be yourself, you can grow up and you can be your own Star-Lord.” BLESS!

3. I’m not sure if this trailer has been out for a while or if it’s new, but yesterday, while watching A Wanted Man, I saw it for the first time. It’s the trailer for Whiplash, the Sundance stunner which sees Miles Teller play an aspiring jazz drummer, and J.K. Simmons his VERY tough teacher. This looks fantastic. The movie will be playing at the Toronto Film Festival, and released in limited cinemas from October 10.

4. One of the exciting pieces of news from Comic-Con was Legendary Pictures‘ announcement of Skull Island, which appears to be a King Kong prequel. Now, it looks like Joe Cornish may take the director’s role for the project. If you don’t know the name Joe Cornish, make sure you watch a little film called Attack The Block. It’s an alien invasion indie film, and one of the most inventive I’ve seen in the sci-fi genre. He would be a great choice to take over the King Kong reins, similar to Gareth Edwards, who went from the low budget Monsters to the huge Godzilla, and did so well that now he’ll be doing Godzilla 2 and a Star Wars spin-off film.

5. And yesterday, this trailer for The Longest Week was released, starring Jason Bateman as a privileged man-child who is cut off from his parents, moves in with his friend (played by the lovely Billy Crudup) and competes with him for a women, played by Olivia Wilde. Great cast, looks cute enough… but what intrigues me the most is the production design. Directed by Peter Glanz, this almost looks like Matthew Vaughn in it’s “60s but also current” styling of the sets and costumes… I dig the cat eyeliner.

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AMC Movie Talk: Post Comic-Con Wrap-Up

Marvel vs DC, Wonder Woman, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Lucy vs Hercules

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Five Things You Need To Know This Tuesday

Five Things v2-3
1. Not too much news today, while Hollywood catches up after Comic-Con… but one interesting headline is: the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer has become the most watched of the year. In less than one week, the trailer has been watched over 36 million times on YouTube from all the different posts. After being added to Facebook, the trailer got 1.2 million likes, shares and comments in 24 hours. And it’s not even that exciting! This movie is going to be BIG.

2. Yesterday, the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies was released, and I’m pleased to see it looks like the most action packed out of the bunch. I really enjoyed The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, but so far the two Hobbits haven’t thrilled me in the same way. There just seems to be a lot of walking. Here, things look more exciting, and grim… I love the choice of Pippin’s song from The Return Of The King… and the special effects look incredible.

3. Another new trailer released yesterday was a red band one for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. I loved the first movie, in all its gory, gritty, cool dialogue glory. And this one looks even better. I can’t wait to see the different stories (including two original ones) and actors like Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this dark world.

4. Warning. This next trailer may make you a little teary. I’m sure you remember Batkid and his mission to save Gotham (aka five year old cancer survivor Miles Scott getting his amazing wish in San Francisco) Well, now there’s a documentary coming about how that wish was all put together, and this trailer, called Batkid Begins, is beautiful. Well shot, a touching story, and great moments captured on camera. The film is seeking funding on Indiegogo, and has already raised about half of its total goal. Click here if you would like to donate.

5. And speaking of fan backed projects, have you seen my AMC Movie Talk mate Jon Schnepp‘s trailer for The Death Of Superman Lives, What Happened? It’s a documentary which looks at what could have been a great superhero film – Superman, directed by Tim Burton and starring Nicolas Cage. How amazing would that have been?? Schnepp released the trailer at Comic-Con, and already the video has had over a million views. If you would like to donate (I have!) click here!

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Tick Tick BOOM! Unexpected Comic-Con Moments!

Over the weekend, me and Maude Garrett (from slogged our way through Comic-Con 2014. With colds. Now, we’ve decided to not share the films and TV shows everyone was looking forward to going in (Interstellar, Batman vs Superman, Avengers 2, Sin City 2 all look great, as we knew they would!) but the film and TV shows they’re most excited about coming out of the convention! I’m tackling movies, while for this episode, Maude is talking TV instead of games. What would be on YOUR list?
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Five Things You Need To Know This Monday

Five Things v2-2
1. Commence regular programming post Comic-Con craziness! That was four days crammed full of work and fun… except for battling a cold which came at the worst time ever. Anyway, one of the biggest stories from the ‘Con was the reveal of Wonder Woman in all her Batman vs Superman glory! What do I think? Well first, Gal Gadot looks great. There was a lot of speculation about her being too skinny for the role, here she looks fierce. The costume is nice, I personally wish they had some muted blues, reds and golds in there, but I understand they couldn’t go too bright, in order to fit in with the dark tone of the film. Her heels? Unnecessary, but not shocking. I now just want to see her in action, and see how she is introduced to this new movie world. A lot of pressure on Zack Snyder to get her right.

2. Speaking of wonder women, Scarlett Johansson‘s Lucy won the weekend’s box office, over Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his Hercules! Luc Besson’s female-fronted sci-fi got $44m, versus Brett Ratner’s epic swords and sandals, which only made $29m. Exit polls show that women and teen girls made up for 50% of the audience of Lucy, which proves for the fifth time this year their might at the box office. We saw a similar trend with The Fault In Our Stars, Maleficent, and The Other Woman. Let’s hope, with box office down 20% this summer, that Hollywood will take notice and start giving female actresses more quality leading roles.

3. Another piece of female-fronted news, the new teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 has been released, post its showing at Comic-Con, and this is the first bit of movie we have seen, after those great propaganda teasers. This one shows Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss becoming the face of the rebellion, a quick shot of Natalie Dormer, and the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman in his last role.

4. This trailer was one of my favorite trailers from Comic-Con was this one. Mad Max: Fury Road. This movie wasn’t really on my radar after all the delays its had, but now? WOW. WOW is all I’ll say. You just have to watch!

5. And one piece of non-Comic-Con news, Edgar Wright has found a new project after leaving Ant-Man. The director is taking on Grasshopper Jungle, a sci-fi adventure based on a young adult fiction book, which has a quirky premise I can definitely see Wright giving his stamp to. It’s about a group of teens in Iowa, who accidentally unleash a group of “horny, hungry, six-foot-tall praying mantises”. Swapping an ant with superpowers for horny mantises. I like.

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